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UM535QE Some keys not working intermittently

Star I

Some keys on my laptop (specifically the w, r, u, i, [, ],  2  and 5 on numpad, the back arrow key, volume up and down, brightness up and down, (F2, F3, F4, F5)) sometimes do not work. The weird part is that it is all or nothing. Either all of them do not work, or all of them do. For example, when the keys mentioned above are not working, as soon as say the 'r' key starts working again, all of these keys start working again. 

I've tried just about everything. Reinstalling the driver, updating the bios, changing the key repeat settings, accessibility settings, even changing system variables related to the keyboard. Nothing seems to work, and my laptop is only a year old. 

Does anyone have ideas for possible fixes?




To eliminate the possibility of a system-related issue, it is recommended to back up data and restore the system to check if the problem disappears. If the issue persists, it may be due to a keyboard module malfunction, and it is advisable to send it for repair. 
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