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UM5304TA does not support some USB3-compatible USB4 devices

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UM5304TA does not seems to support USB4, as I've learned the hard way, and I'm fine with it. However, the implementation which disables USB4 is buggy, as it also bans USB4 devices with USB3 support. My CalDigit TS4 dock is USB3 compatible, and it can be used perfectly with just an A to C cable, but it fails to be even enumerated on my UM5304TA.

When I plug the dock directly to the computer, nothing happens. Dmesg shows nothing (I use Linux), and the LED on the dock remains dark. However, if I plug the duck using C to A adapter then an A to C cable, it works fine, albeit without PCIe tunneling capability and display output capability, which is a PITA. I do not care about PCIe anymore, but DP over Type C should be supported, but clearly on this machine it doesn't, unless your device is USB3-only and does not advertise USB4/TBT3 capability at all.

This leads me to believe the lack of USB4 support is not a BIOS decision, but a deliberate disabling. The type C port controller (likely a TI or Cypress chip every 2 ports) is likely being installed a firmware which rejects all devices advertising TBT3 capability from enumerating. Asus can decide what feature to open to the user, but if you want to neuter a feature, please at least do it correctly.

Not only USB4-specific features don't work, this device refuses to work with USB3 and 4 compatible devices too. This is a serious bug, please fix it. I'm not asking for USB4, I'm asking for proper USB3 with DP alt mode support on USB4-capable but also USB3+DP capable devices (basically, all JHL8440-based docks). They work fine on strict USB3 ports on other computers and phones.



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@Falcon_ASUS Any plans to release to release the beta firmwere, that supports USB4, to general public?

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Asus has released PN53 mini PC, which is based on Ryzen 6000 series, WITH official USB4 support. This proves that the rumored AMD USB4 bugs are mostly being ironed out already. Does this mean we finally can anticipate USB4 on other Ryzen 6000 series computers from Asus in near future?

Edit: Asus has recently released USB4 ***beta*** BIOS and PD firmware (as I've anticipated, this is implemented in the PD controller) for selected Ryzen 6000 ROG laptops. I think it is reasonable to trust Asus to keep its promise on USB4 on all Ryzen 6000 laptops in near future, but I don't think this will be very soon as even for their flagship ROG devices there are a few bugs that can ruin your days that haven't been ironed out completely. Folks, the trend is great, let's just give them some time.

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@Falcon_ASUS Any plans to release to release the beta firmwere, that supports USB4, to general public?

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@Falcon_ASUS I'm planning to buy this laptop but i need this to be fixed, can you release here or publicly a firmware that supports USB4/TBT4 linke the one ASUS provided to Youtube reviewers months ago?
Thank you

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Well can't post links but asus have a FAQ article 1049059 where you download a beta bios and PD firmware for some ROG laptops for usb4.

From news Razer is offering USB4 updates if users requests for them from support.

There maybe hope for usb4 and zenbook s 13 oled.

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Hi guys,
I don't know whether this topic is still alive, but I just wanted to tell You that my S13 OLED unit (bought in Eastern Europe in november) has no problem connecting to Thunderbolt 3 devices (unfortunately, I don't have any Tbt4 stuff yet, so I cannot comment on that issue).
I'm an avid Zenbook user for years now and I choose this laptop to replace my Zenbook 14 UX425EA through the Asus Upgrade Program. I read the early reviews where the built-in USB4 ports were mentioned as a fact and saw the aformentioned video about the Thunderbolt compatibility, so I felt reassured that despite this model comes with an AMD processor it will still be able to handle my Thunderbolt 3 ultrawide Samsung monitors which I use at work and at home. Days after I ordered the S13 OLED I've found the Zentalks topics where people displeased by the information that Asus may changed the specifications and make the USB4 ports unofficial on this model... I was nervous for this new development, but hoped that either Asus releases the required BIOS update or some work around become available to solve this issue.
However, I'm happy to report that using the left USB-C port (next to the heat sink) on my computer I can connect to my Thunderbolt 3 monitors without any problem and the USB hub function with mouse + keyboard and ethernet LAN connection working like a charm! I have to tell that on the box of my laptop I still have the information sticker that my unit came with 2 USB4 ports, but during my testing only the left USB-C connector was able to work with the Thunderbolt 3 devices. Previously, I tried these Samsung monitors with other non-Tbt 3 capable laptops where USB3.2 ports with displayport were included, but those were not enough to work with the screens.
Maybe I'm a fool and this was common knowledge, but I was so happy that I don't need to by additional docking stations and similar stuff to use my Thunderbolt monitors that I wanted to share. I hope it can help others too.
If You have any suggestions what kind of Tbt3/4 device I should test, please tell me and I'll see what can I do about it!