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Stylus setup

Star I
New UX463F supplied with "touch stylus". Touchscreen is OK but stylus doesn't seem to do anything. On unscrewing cap there is a tag with lable saying "DO NOT PULL THIS LABEL" . Bur=t it looks like it's simply an insulator to stop the battery discharging before use. Is that what it is? If so the wording should be changed.


Rising Star II
To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any software available from Asus to visualize/ tweak the pen. I also quit using it due to the amount of pressure you need put on the screen in order to not have disruptions. Asus should tweak it more. I own the Pro Duo laptop which is ~3k Euros, therefore, I don't feel too confident to put so much pressure on a screen that might not be replaceable.