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Spotify for Screenpad

System: Windows 10
Battery or AC:
Model: UX434FQ
Frequency of occurrence:
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
Sorry I am new here. Two problems here:
First of all, When I open apps like whatsapp and spotify on my screenpad, I find the size of fonts and buttons too small, making them hard to use, is there a way to increase the display size just for screenpad apps?
Secondly, I tried to reinstall the "Spotify for Screenpad" app to see if this can solve the problem, ends up I cannot pin the screenpad app back to the screenpad menu, and opening the screenpad app in start screen will only direct me to Microsoft store, what can I do?

Community Legend II
Hello Anthony,
Your first question is a really good suggestion. I have reported it.
The second question is that, the "Spotify for Screenpad" app is for Screenpad 1.0 only.
And you have Screenpad 2.0, you can use "Spotify" App directly.
Thank you.

Thank you so much for your reply.
I also wanna ask if the pre-installed spotify app on screenpad 2.0 is the same one we download from the spotify website, cuz the icon is different after I reinstalled it.

If not, is there any way I can get the pre-installed app back?

Community Legend II
Hello Anthony,
I'm not sure about this. I will try out myself.
The pre-installed one should come from Microsoft Store.
The one you installed form the website is an Setup.exe. right?
Thank you.

Yes. I managed to get the app back from the microsoft store and I think it's the same.
I realized it has to do with the display rate (2160x1080 and 1000x500). If I use the former one, it will be the incredibly small zoom rate shown above, but if 1000x500 then it works fine. Hope this can be fixed in the future.
Thanks a lot again