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Screenpad 2.0 doesnt work / No App Launcher / MS Store black

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Screenpad 2.0 doesnt work / No App Launcher / MS Store black
Model: ZenBook Pro 15 UX550GDX
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

Hello everyone, i hope you can help me before i need to return my new asus, which i bought last week. the screenpad does not work correctly. this is not accectable for 1600. I just see my wallpaper on the screenpad, thats all. I tried 3 days everything to get it work, no chance. Now i am here. Which data do you need to check whats wrong? kind regards

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Hello Blake_ASUS,

yes, I did everything following the instruction and now it works. but every time, after reboot or power on the laptop, I have to start "AsusScreenPadService.exe" and after "ScreenXpert" and after these actions I see the screenpad Icons. But, when I press the F6, it do nothing. I tried to lock Fn btn to unlock Fn, but it do the same -nothing. Also I dont see the screenpad logo when laptop loaded windows, profile...

May be I did something wrong, may be I didnt install something... could you please help me with this issue. May be I have to copy some files somewhere....

Thank you in advance.

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Hello cim607,
Please double check that the installation order in the FAQ must followed,
and then may you specify which step you were stopped at?
Thank you.

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hello Blake_asus,

I installed all the drivers, I installed screenXpert, Myasus from Windows store, and at the end I installed the ASus ScreenPad Optimizer, as was mentioned in the instructions.
After that it asked me to reboot the PC, what I did. And after rebooting, I sew that I see like a second screen on touchpad. Then I opened screenXpert, it showed that it can not find the AsusScreenPadService is missing, I opened it from folder, then started the screenXpert and after I sew the screenPad and it functioned. But after how I rebooted the PC again, I didnt see the icons on screen pad. I have to start service and screenxpert again for to see the screenPad.

May be there is some service which can be launched for start these services automatically? becuse it have to started automatically and have to show the screenpad logo on touchpad.

thank you in advance.

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hello again,  Blake_ASUS,

Yes, now it is ok. It working now perfectly. Thank you for your response.
but one remark, before reinstalling the windows, when the screenpad loaded, there was the animated logo of ScreenPad. How can I restore this animation start?

Thank you in advance.

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My screenpad, screenXpert work, show the buttons.... but not open the best apps in asus com / screenpad - apps
none best app work. in my country, brasil. the site screenpad apps go to microsoft store... install the icon on PC, but when click on icon... . back to ms store again... loop

asus support say error on windows
and MS store support say error on screenpad apps and limitations by region or language.

support asus is ridiculous
Zenbook here is U$ 1.400 and none support