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Nightmare with ScreenPad 2.0

Star I
System: Windows OS
Battery or AC:
Model: Zenpad 14 UX434FAC
Frequency of occurrence: Constant
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:I have just purchased the Zenbook 14 UX434FAC, and the screenpad doesn't work properly. I've tried the chat support and followed the instructions on the support site to update drivers etc, have even done a factory reset and started again (as advised by the Support tech). Still no joy.
It lights up and but I can't tap or select any of the icons on the screenpad.
It's very frustrating for a new laptop - I've never had to spend so much time on getting a laptop up and running and functioning correctly - Does anyone have a fix, or have I just made a massive mistake in buying an Asus laptop? HELP!!

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Hello clare,
Please kindly follow the FAQ below to reinstall the drivers.
Please be noted that the order of installation must be followed.
[Notebook] How to fix the ScreenPad 2.0 problems when it is not working properly on my ASUS notebook...If there is any error message during this process, please let me know.
Thank you.