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never ending problem series of my Zenbook

Star III

One of my greatest regrets is buying this laptop (Asus Zwnbook OLED 3402.ZA). I have previously posted some problems with it. If you check my previous posts you can see how unhappy I am with the screen and heating issues etc. And as I use, I keep experienceing new problems. Here are some I discovered lately:

Sometimes the screen goes off itself and does not come back whatever you do. Only a reset solves it.

Sometimes this pc cannot wake up from sleep state. Only a reset solves it.

New problem added : Power button stucks at first start after opening the laptop. 


I have a freshly installed and updated windows 11 with all latest drivers downloaded from the asus' website and installed. The only thing I am doing is browsing with google chrome with a few tabs open. I have only bitdefender av running in background.  


Star II

Try the power troubleshooter , i had a few issues with my ux5400zb with my laptop fans and system freezing. You can search my post here. Anyway this troubleshooter help me a bit. Also i contacted asus support and some tech guy told me to update my nvidia drivers from their site and not from my geforce app, that actually fixed (for now) all the freezing/not waking screens/very loud fans.

I have no idea what power troubleshooter is. 

Here you go

don't have power option there