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never ending problem series of my Zenbook

Star III

One of my greatest regrets is buying this laptop (Asus Zwnbook OLED 3402.ZA). I have previously posted some problems with it. If you check my previous posts you can see how unhappy I am with the screen and heating issues etc. And as I use, I keep experienceing new problems. Here are some I discovered lately:

Sometimes the screen goes off itself and does not come back whatever you do. Only a reset solves it.

Sometimes this pc cannot wake up from sleep state. Only a reset solves it.

New problem added : Power button stucks at first start after opening the laptop. 


I have a freshly installed and updated windows 11 with all latest drivers downloaded from the asus' website and installed. The only thing I am doing is browsing with google chrome with a few tabs open. I have only bitdefender av running in background.  


This issue requires using your warrenty.

I had the same issue, i can send you videos of the touchpad i had (worse than you write here). Its probably a loose screw that prevents the touchpad surface to be clickable.

I have the UX5400ZB and its not that great at all.

Star III

BTW, did I mention that this machine gets hotter than my toaster with a few tabs with chrome.