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Make trackpad calculator shortcut open calculator as top focused window? (zenbook pro duo 15 UX582)

Hey, anyway to make the trackpad calculator shortcut gesture (triangle icon thing "▷") open the calculator app and have it be in focus? Video example attached and in this reddit post.

Useful lil feature, but the way it's currently programmed makes it kinda pointless, since 

win key + typing "cal" + enter

 is almost just as fast and puts the calculator app in focus.



Also, any thought on adding a clear key to the virtual numpad or would the hardware not allow it?


Hello, simplyconnected and thank you for reaching out.

Could you kindly share the model name (for instance, UX582LR or UX582HS) and the current OS version?

Meanwhile, I was unable to confirm your problem via the link, which has left me quite confused.

May I ask what you are asking is about [Notebook] What is NumberPad?, the "function introduce - 2. top left icon"? If so, what questions do you have regarding this feature?

Thank you.

Hey, here is system info:

  • Firmware: Version UX582ZW.301, Release date 20220906
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64-bit 10.0.22621

And yes, I am asking about function 2: "Swipe from the top left icon ▷ towards any direction on the touchpad① to activate the calculator app". As seen in the video, I am doing this function which opens the calculator app, but the app does not come into focus automatically if you are already focused on another window (e.g., microsoft edge in the video). So, I am wondering if it can be possible to have the function open the calculator app and have it be the top focused app automatically without clicking calculator app icon in taskbar?

Hello, @simplyconnected . I apologize for keeping you waiting.

After confirming with the technical department, this is a regular occurence of the Microsoft OS.

Your question will be considered as feedback, and I will reflect it on the relevant units for reference evaluation.

Thank you.