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How to double-click a file in File Explorer on Screen 2, and have it open on Screen 1?

Star I
I have Screens 1 and 3 displaying the same content either on a display or projector. I have File Explorer on Screen 2. Every time I double-click on my Power Point .ppsx file on Screen 2, it opens only on Screen 2. I want it to only open on Screen 1 and 3 while I click on files on Screen 2 to control what plays on Screen 1 and 3. I planned on using File Explorer on Screen 2 so I could load the playing content of videos, PP, and other Apps without having to display the root files in Explorer on Screen 1 and 3 for everyone to see what I had in File Explorer. Is there a way to accomplish this? I can't locate any videos anywhere on how to set this thing up. Maybe getting too old for new technology. If there are detailed "How To" tutorials some where, I have not found them yet.
Can't find any instructions on how to do this setup on my UX582LR:

Rising Star II
Which device are you trying to do this on?
Normally when the app opens on a different screen you would drag the window (by the title bar) to the screen that you intend to use it on.
If you are trying to use the UX582LR, you can either:
a) using the track pad - click and drag the title bar of the window to the other screen, or,
b) using your finger on the touch screen - tap and drag the title bar of the window such that the symbol meny appears next to your finger, hover your finger over the menu option you want and then let go with your finger. This can be used to send windows between the screenpad+ and the main screen when using the touch screen only.