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Constant micro stutters on external monitor

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System: Win 10/11
Battery or AC: Both
Model: UX581GV
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes, Doesnt help
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:So I got a Zenbook pro duo (1.5 year old) with an RTX2060 and an Intel UHD 630 and Iv been losing my mind trying to figure first if Im not imagining the constants micro stutters on every video and then trying to troubleshoot this thing. Its micro stutters everywhere, nothing helps, and I get it when connecting to an exterior monitor through every way possible, to different extents.
I tried connecting it through HDMI so its connected straight to the 2060. I tried it through the USB C port with a hub and HDMI. I tried connecting a powered hub via USB 3, a Dell dock with DisplayLink port via HDMI and DP. Every one of these has different degrees of stutter in different apps, if its working okay on youtube then Netflix app stutters more, if its working well in Netflix on a different port, its stuttering with a different app. My 4 years old surface pro plays two videos simultaneously smoother than this thing that's brand new and supposed to be a beast.
And I, of course, updated drivers updated windows, reset windows, upgraded to windows 11, tried with or without GPU acceleration in windows graphic settings and chromes/edge settings.
I learned after a while that its a long-standing issue that was reported in Nvidia forums 4 plus years ago, apparently Laptops with both Nvidia card and the Intel GPU unit together has this "small quirck" where if you connect an external display you get stutter city with videos and mouse movement and window dragging.
From that thread I tried more things, I tried various advanced power options, disabling fast reboot, disabling and enabling the intel 630 adapter, shutting down DWM.exe. A good permanent option people found is disabling the intel adapter from bios as a workaround, but that isn't an option for me with the Duo laptop because of that 2nd monitor, So, Nothing works.
After reading that thread I threw everything suggested at this problem, Im not sure what helped but its somewhat better than before (or maybe that's a placebo effect.. IDK.. I'm losing it), but its definitely still an issue.
It is baffling to me how products that cost us thousands of dollars can have an issue as major as this just ignored for years. I also suspect it this has something to do with why I don't use my laptop with on its 4k res, because I experienced all those issue on day 1 just from the fact that I already have an external monitor permanently connected, I even opened a thread about this here but that was hopeless so I settled on 1080p.

I read that Dell came out with a patch for their laptops addressing this, maybe someone at ASUS can get on top of this,

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Hello Samuel,
Can I have your BIOS version and driver version of both GPU?
Please kindly record a short video of the issue as well.
Thank you.