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Connect ASUS 240U to TV, by micro HDMI or USB-C port

Star I
System: W10
Battery or AC: AC
Model: Asus 240U
Frequency of occurrence: NA
Reset OS: NA
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:I want to show videos from the PC on my TV. What connection do you recommend?
1) Micro-HDMI to normal-HDMI cable?
2) USBC to normal-HDMI cable
3) USBC to "something-else" cable
Currently I do not have access to any of these cables.
Which connections must the TV have in order to use the USBC-port of the PC?
I once used a Micro-to-normal-HDMI converter plus a normal and rather stiff HDMI-cable. That worked one day, but not at all next day. I fear the micro-HDMI-port was damaged in the process. (Can I check if that is the case?)
In any case, I have just ordered a micro-to-normal HDMI cable.
Sincerely Yours
Hans Marqvardsen


Community Legend II
Hello Hans,
may yo double check on your model name?
We don't have a laptop that's 240U,
if it's zenbook, it should start with UX, like UX425IA, UX430FA...
Thank you.