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Compared technical information style between Lenovo and Asus

Rising Star II
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Detailed description:As I have worked most of the time with Lenovo laptops and Desktops, I would like to share my "feeling" by comparing the technical information given by Lenovo and Asus. Frankly speaking, I like most the Lenovo style because each information give an answer to users. Before buying UX8402 model, I hesitated between this model and Lenovo Legion 7i (Intel, 16, Gen 7).
Lenovo gives the current model information at first and when we click on technical information where it is given detailed information of each model. It is clearly stated, for example, the memory and storage capacity. For Asus, I had to ask around if the model I wanted to buy could take what max capacity.
Lenovo style:
Again, frankly speaking, I like Lenovo attention to each detail: you can see that Lenovo clearly specifies that the port usb 3.2 gen 2 can do 20GB data transfer. At least if I bought this model and I cannot get the 20GB data transfer for my Sandisk Extreme Pro v2 (which garatees 20GB through usb 3.2 gen 2x2 connection). I could claim to Lenovo.
Asus style:
For this model (UX8402) which I bought because of its second screen, there is no specification about the capacity of USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type A.
Finally, just to give a feedback to Asus from my experience. If I have to purchase a new laptop, I will not take Asus laptos as first consideration, except for a model like this one.

Rising Star II
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