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Battery Charging issue Zenbook

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System: Zenbook
Battery or AC: AC
Model: UM425IA-NH74
Frequency of occurrence: At low battery state
Reset OS: Manual uninstall of ACPI drivers
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:It appears that there is an issue with these Zenbooks that when the battery is in a low charge state, it will not charge while plugged in. My observations are not conclusive, but would like others to comment if they've seen a similar behavior.
Specifically, if the battery is above ~40% and is then plugged in, it will charge to the set amount by MyASUS (i.e. 60, 80, or 100%) as it should. However, if the battery gets into a low charge status, ~20% or below, it will not charge when plugged in to the OEM charger.
There seems to be a conflict between the Windows 10 power settings and those offered by MyASUS. In particular, even though the Battery Saver setting in Windows is switched off, Battery Saver will still activate at the threshhold shown in Windows settings. And it appears that once this Battery Saver level is reached, charging fails to start when plugged into the charger. Again, I cannot categorically say that this is the case, but it is what I've observed.
For example, while using the laptop on battery, I noticed that the Battery Saver turned on at 20% (the same level that was set in Windows though the Battery Saver setting itself is "off"). Plugging the laptop in to the charger at 18%, it would not charge (just showed "plugged in"). I ran the battery down to 10% and then to 8% but it would not charge. Note that the settings for "Low", "Reserve", and "Critical" in advanced power are all below 10%, so the observed behavior appears to be related in some way to the battery saver trigger level. The only way I could get the charge to work was to uninstall the ACPI drivers in Device Manager, shut the laptop down, and then plug it in. Once I did that, the laptop charged to the preset level (i.e 80%).
Upon restarting, the ACPI drivers automatically reinstall. Unplugging the laptop, I can run the battery down to 60, 50, 40 percent and then, when plugged in, it will recharge. There seems to be something failing when the battery gets to a low state. I've searched on line for answers and have found many...but none specifically address the problem. I have also uninstalled MyASUS to see if that's the problem, but the behavior I've observed remains.
I believe this is a settings/software/driver issue and not a hardware issue and would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.


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Hello @Fletchasus & @vanbako ,
I have send PM to you.
Please kindly check and let me know the result.
Thank you so much.

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@Fletchasus After updating the bios to 305, I let the battery run down to <20%, then plugged in the power supply and charging resumes as it should. I will update with the new one sent by @Blake_ASUS and report the result.

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I'll do the same.
@Blake_ASUS thanks for the PM. As @vanbako and I said, update 305 actually seemed to fix it, but I have installed 306 and will make sure it's still fixed.
The description of the update content for these new firmwares is, well, not descriptive. Beyond what's available on the download site, is there any further description available for what these updates actually address?
Also, I am having another power related problem. I'm going to start another thread on that one and will mention both of you there for your input.