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15.6" ZenBook Pro Duo UX581LV with TWO ZenScreen-Go-MB16AP or MB169B+ screens?

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System: Win10
Battery or AC: both
Model: UX581LV
Frequency of occurrence: TBD
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
I'm considering purchasing an UX581LV and want to use it with TWO portable monitors. I'm interested in the ZenScreen-Go-MB16AP monitors for the extra battery life, but they only have a USB-C. Alternately I have looked at the MB169B+, which is a standard USB connection but relies on the laptop battery. The zenbook duo only has a single USB-C port. I want to be able to use this combo (laptop + 2 monitors) without AC power for some time. Can I use a USB-C>USB-C hub to run two unique MB16AP's from the zenbook? Could I instead connect directly to each of the USB 3.0 ports and run two unique MB169B+ monitors? This setup will often be hardpowered, but it does need to be able to be used for short windows on battery power, or repositioned/replugged without losing control/power. I do not own any of this hardware yet but am on the cusp of committing to the purchase and want to be sure it will work as planned.

Thank you.


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Hello Luke,
USB C to USB C should be possible, but I can't guarantee if you are not using the original cable.
There are other MB16 models that has USB C to USB C directly, so you may consider those.
Also, the power supply could be an issue since supporting to 2 external monitor and UX581 itself could be a heavy loading, or you might need to turn off the screenpad plus, then that's only 3 monitor total.
Thank you.