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Start menu not responding

Star I
System: Windows 10 64bit
Battery or AC:both
Model: VivobookPro N580GD
Frequency of occurrence: a100%ll the time
RWindows 10 64biteset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed desc
Hello, I brought my laptop to an Asus service center for keyboard replacement, but while I was waiting for the spare part they have returned it to me. Now my Strat menu is not responding I see constantly this message: Critical Error, Your Start menu isn\t working. We\ll try to fix it in the next time you sign it, but it still does not work, some of my preinstalled apps are missing, I can not search my files from the search box etc. In the service center, they tested my laptop with an external Windows as I did not give them the password. Do you think that they might do something wrong? Some of my files are locked too but I did not lock them. Pls help.


Community Legend II
Hello neviva,
May you share the product SN or RMA number in the PM I send you?
Thank you.