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screen flicker on an Asus K501UW-FI038T

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System: win 10 home single
Battery or AC: either
Model: Asus K501UW-FI038T
Frequency of occurrence:
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
pls see video link. add infront of to access as i cant post links ---- https://
been using the laptop for almost 4years now... and issue with flickering just started this year. windows is updated and video drivers as well. nvidia drivers havent updated in years as i dont have issues with it. Windows is running on igpu anyway. laptop is only on desk. unmoved. plugged on always... sleep mode when not in use. restart only with windows updates. scanned for malware and viruses with online eset32
programs used usually excel, chrome, paint, viber...
i doubt about screen cable tape not attached properly or became loose. as flicker sometimes go away
tried formatting OS drive to clean windows.
a fix would help greatly... eyes gets tired fast with this random screen flickering
thanks and cheers

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Hi there,
Please kindly send the device to the service center for the hardware check.
Thank you.

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yup seems like the last resort i have to make... thanks