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Not a developer or hacker!

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I had just recently noticed a drop in efficiency in my computer and I had to do some research I found out that the Microsoft has noted me as a developer and I am not I am not a hacker I am just a typical everyday user of a PC I do not know how to get out of this mode but it seems like ASUS is helping them to block me from my own PC as of the results of this I have been a victim of a data breach and identity theft I do not have any control over any of my devices anymore I do not know how to reset everything my Android phones are all hacked, my bank accounts are depleted and I am really bad position probably ready for eviction on the road I do not know all because I trusted Microsoft and defender and also paid extra for a McAfee devices and VPNs any help would be appreciated. 



May I know the product type and model name you are using? 
Is your question about how to quit the "Windows Insider Program"?
Thank you.
Join the Windows Insider Program and manage Insider settings 

I have a ASUS VlVO laptop and it is not working at all but only to get it to go where Microsoft and ASUS wants me to go and insist on my purchase a upgrade to protect my data 

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