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How do I reinstall Network Controller driver after Microsoft update removed it?

Model 8UJ7R9E Laptop network controller/Wi-Fi drivers missing after a Microsoft update that I did not notice until a more recent update which says "I have a better driver already installed." That Microsoft update will not finish but hangs at that point. But we cannot find that driver anywhere on the computer. I am unable to determine which update removed this driver and I cannot find a replacement that I am able to install (the drivers that ASUS sent me would not install even though unzipped).
Windows 10 Pro
QUALCOMM Atheros QCA9377 Wireless network adapter

Community Legend II
Hi Henry,
Which laptop model do you have?
May I have the screenshot of those messages and situation?
Thank you.

Attached is the ASUS Model and Serial Number, images of error messages, and configurations.
Please let me know if you need any additional information.
Thanks for your assistance.

Henry Phillips 

Community Legend II
Hello Henry,
May you enter safe mode and see if you have the same issue there?
Windows 10 - How to enter Safe Mode? | Official Support | ASUS GlobalIf so, please kindly reset your device
Windows 10 - How to restore the system to factory default settings? | Official Support | ASUS USAThank you.

We worked on the Safe Mode after unlocking Bitlocker and the attachments are what we found. When we click on Airplane it still shows the error messages for WiFi and Bluetooth.
I had already moved almost all files to two WD TB drives. One WD records backup files and Disk image and the other WD hopefully contains all my photos, personal files for many years, church, and USCG Auxiliary files.
So, my next step is to either restore to factory default settings OR to just ignore Bluetooth (I really don't need or use it) and I can buy a WiFi antenna device on Amazon. Still hesitating to start over by restoring as I get many, many emails every day that I have to respond to. I don't want to buy a new laptop because this one works well.