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Replacement sim tray for ZS675KW

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I dropped my sim tray when removing the sim the other day, and have lost it. Thinking it would be an easy replacement was a mistake, I cannot find anywhere online where I can get a replacement!! 


Can you please help/advise where I can get a new sim tray for this handset please, otherwise a perfectly good phone is goosed, and that cant possibly be the case ?





It is recommended that you contact the service center at your location to see if it is available for sale, or search online to see if anyone sells related materials. The following is the contact information: 

Also you can contact the local service center for help.
The following is the contact information: 

Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.


I called the local support number, which is a uk number, and they basically said that I needed to raise a ticket via the service centre (the first link you provided).  

The service centre has been an extremely frustrating affair.  They have said they cannot supply a replacement part (a SIM TRAY), and if I am unable to get a part from a reseller, then to rais an RMA to return the unit to them for "repair". 

"Repair" is a bit of a stretch, but they also said that the cannot at this point provide an estimate of the lenght of time, or the cost of the "repair". 

This is a request for a replacement SIM TRAY, it is unbeleivable, it is almost as if I am being held to ransom. This is a modern phone, in fact it is a very high end phone, in perfect condition, I think still less than 2 years old, and I am absolutely unable to get a small plastic sim tray for the device.

To resolve this issue, or to "repair" lost sim, i need to send the mountain to mohammad, and then they will send it back to me, and on top of that, they cannot tell me how much it will cost for them to

a) Open the box when the phone arrives"

b) Lift the phone and look at the underside to see, yes indeed the sim tray is missing

c) Insert a new sim tray to "repair" the phone"

d) Ship the phone back to me!


I am incredulous!