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Google Duo Application / Camera Permission

Star I
Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_ZS600KL_15.1630.1811.46_0
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name: Google Duo

Last edited by iStasis on 2019/1/16 20:37 When trying to open Google's Duo app it never opens. The error i get is DUO HAS STOPPED WORKING and then a message below that saying the CAMERA ISNT WORKING TRY RESTART THIS DEVICE. Im sure something in the system / build is preventing the Duo app to not communicate with the camera however the camera is working fine in other apps and also the app has permission to use the camera. I have sent the feedback to Google as well however i barely use the app so not a huge deal but seems its a system problem rather than an app problem so would like it checked out. Id rather not screen shot as the above should be enough however due to the application it contains senstive information such as names and numbers but im sure if you try it youll see the problem. I have tried clearing the cache and reinstalling the app and checking permissions however all looks fine compared to other working apps that use a camera. I have unchecked the permission to allow camera in the duo app permissions and then boot up the app. It prompts you to allow the camera which is fine and allowes it however just crashes the app From reading up on the problem it does seem to be a common problem with other phoness not being able to detect Microphone and Camera, sometimes a badly designed app or something within the system blocking access if the phone thinks the camera / mic is in use. However just rebooting the phone and trying the duo app right away on a fresh start up it has the same issue which is why im thinking its a system fault and maybe a background service.

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I just tried, it's working for me. Are you rooted? Do you have an anti virus blocking camera usage or is the app getting killed by power management? Try killing the cache and force stopping duo, then reopen. 

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I am not rooted and have tried going into the below 1) settings > app & notifications > app permissions > camera > Duo is enabled here 2) settings > app & notifications > app info > Duo (disabled and force stop) > permissions are all enable for camera contacts mic phone and storage after disable it rolls the app back and gives the option to enable sms permission) looking at battery optimise setting the duo app is being optimised could this be it as disabling it didnt fix the problem? after going through the clear app data and cache it trys to setup the app again and then fails at the point of it being ready to use so unsure where the powermanagement is coming into play how should i exculde this app

Star I
iStasis posted on 2019/1/17 04:30 I am not rooted and have tried going into the below 1) settings > app & notifications > app permissi ...
It may be nothing to do with power management, in my experience the smart manager and Android built in power management together create an overly agressive kill chain on apps. Is it just this phone that does it for you? Anyway you can try a second Google account (the second suggestion is not ideal but worth a try I guess...)

Zen Master I
Hi iStasis, Please tell me your Duo version. Please show me a screenshot and short video of the problem if possible. Does the crash happen once you try to open this app? Or after you allow camera permission? Thank you.