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Does ROG Phone Kunai work with Nvidia Gamestream?

Star I

Moonlight & Nvidia Gamestream basically let you stream games from your PC to your phone via the local network. I have tested it with a random Android phone and a PS5 controller connected to my phone. It worked nicely; I can play games on my PC from anywhere in my home.

However, it's inconvenient since I can't hold both my phone and controller at the same time; my phone only works as a detached monitor. I need to put it down when I want to play, which defeats the purpose of being able to play remotely.

That is why I have been looking at the ROG phone and Kunai, as you can have them essentially merge into one device, making it much more convenient to play games that way.

If anyone has tested it or would like to try it out, I would very much appreciate it.



The ASUS ROG Phone Kunai is primarily designed as a modular gaming controller for the ASUS ROG Phone series, enhancing the gaming experience on mobile devices. It is not inherently designed to work with Nvidia GameStream. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.