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Star I

Tried to log into my account that Ive had for some years. My password had 7 integers, it now requires 8. Went to login in with my gmail account, that went through, however when choosing my password, i used 12 integers, uppercase, lower case, numbers and special sign, it won't accept it. I tried several varities and won't accept any. Is the website having problems? Thank you.




Has the current issue been resolved? 
We suggest you double-check if the new password you entered is correct, including its case sensitivity and special characters.
Thank you.


I believe that the method of changing the password was correct,  I have a couple of Asus computers and monitors. My old password contained seven letters/numbers. I couldn't get in to change my password.  I instead used my Gmail account  to get out in.  I was attempting to get a notification from Asus to be notified when I could order the ROG8 phone, which required me to log in.  The website area of changing the password might have not gone through bc the website was busy do to influx of orders or inquiry after  CES2024.

The next day the new password was working.  Thank you for your Zen Desk help,  it is much appreciated.