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Wht the hell is wrong with rog phone 2 Automatically shutdown (switch off)

Rising Star I
I don't know what going on but this rog 2 sucks by software update whenever I'm doing something imp mobile get switch off and hang when reboot after pressing power button they shows a message android system doesn't working retry reboot or factory reset what the hell is this Asus

Rising Star I
Everyone having asus rog 2 is having same issues of phone getting switch off while charging
And this thing happened after July update which also caused more heating issues to phone but asus isn't taking such thing into consideration while providing update to us..they are more interested in Pokemon😂

Rising Star I
@ARP_ASUS sir device is only shutting down while charging only not otherwise and this thing and heating issue is happening with so many asus rog2 users..this is happening after July update..
I was using display on 60fps refresh rate till yesterday and today I changed it to 90fps now it get switch off only one time during charging otherwise it got only locked automatically
Can u tell us is it any update related issue or hardware issue.. because so many rog2 users are facing this issue after july update..we don't have laptop with us so how can we transfer 100 gb of phne data to somewhere else and then visit service center..
And if this is motherboard related issue then how can be so many handset can be faulty of high range phone..if this is the thing then asus should get back all faulty handset back and provide user's other handset or refund
This is not a good thing that users are getting issues just within 6-7 month of usage of phone