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Tweet Like [MOD] Cpu Mode X fix and thermal configurations Asus Rog Phone 2 Android 10

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fixed some improvements in android 10 system

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Asus Rog Phone 2
mod cpu mode x fix asus rog phone 2
X-Mode: changes are made in the selection sections of each custom option in the games profile, bug fixes are made and profiles are optimized for better performance when they are being used in games, feature on salient can now activate and deactivate the mode X without the need to close / restart your application.
- Mode X profiles: they have been re-organized into different categories
- New values were added for the pre-reading of the system having a more available option and correction of the system bus
- A temperature control setting was added in the X 1,2,3 mode profiles, which have the more stable and faster cpu min and max active at which the phone asks for it in games

Battery: changes are made in the control of the processor consumption and some system processes without affecting the performance or the uses of Mode X or custom mode, now the battery manager will automatically select the processor frequencies and cycles that are less aggressive to the time to put your asus into sleep mode and control power consumption in very demanding applications and games that demand more performance.
- Longer duration and better management of the battery system since a battery control is added that is linked with each frequency and cycle of the cpu giving the necessary energy, when it requires a higher frequency the system selects the same with the battery control to be more efficient in games or in everyday use.
- It also makes the phone sleep deeper and with lower energy consumption without affecting performance when unlocking it

Graphics: This setting allows you to have more clarity in the image quality that gives your game more performance when loading the textures, this setting also helps the adreno gpu have more efficiency the display drivers are updated to keep the hz more stable when your configuration includes 90hz / 120hz touch enhancements
- In addition to providing a more improved quality, the gpu when changing textures in more demanding games does so more fluidly without wasting time, it has been improved for your asus rog phone 2, it also improves the fluidity section accompanied by the management of the cpu and gpu with the use of X mode
- New screen drivers have been added that improve the use of 90hz and 120hz in games in addition to having a faster and more stable response

screenrecorder fix: It is an adjustment that is made so that when using your Asus screenrecorder it is more fluid when capturing your games, there are adjustments related to the use of 60fps that make them have less drops or that the fps feel very forced and that they have a very drop unstable this setting fixes that also includes latency improvements when using screen mirroring, wifi wigig, or any other accessory that uses your asus rog phone 2 device.
If you record your games in your favorite games this option you will like the new setting allows you to record your games with ultra graphics without much to lose in the fps now the refresh is faster and the video and audio latency has been reduced 50ms than It is a very stable time that you will almost notice the fluidity and stability, you can monitor this option in the game engine information section fps

Thermal engine: maybe what many of you are / were waiting for asus rog phone 2 temperature control update. It is an update for the dock and the aerofan cooler optimizes the efficiency and dissipation of heat it generates the asus rog phone 2 but that is less without affecting the performance this has been achieved after hard work and tests during some days, the update of several system controllers that manage the temperature is also carried out It was possible to reduce it by about 4-8 degrees less without affecting the performance of the device.
- your asus rog phone 2 gets hot in very demanding games? Let me tell you that I have managed to reach a balance where it is not affecting the performance of the device but also reduces the temperature obviously it will heat up but to a lesser extent which will allow you to play for longer and without worrying too much
- The extra new controllers have been added for the aerofan and the more efficient doc to decipher the temperature faster

Update 26-09-2020
- custom mode is updated with more features in X mode
- system temperature controller is updated
- error correction

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Tbh I've been tested to convert to this build. Bloody good work on XDA.

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Any chance they could get bypass charging working on ROG 2?

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Any chance they could get bypass charging working on ROG 2?

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I doubt it but it's not impossible

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I doubt it but it's not impossible

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I guess. But a feature I'd love to request to devs. Honestly a big quality of life feature.