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The Kunai Gamepad does support ROG phone 1 (zs600kl) or other device?

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The ROG phone 1 has updated Android Pie with game center.
I wonder if it could support ROG phone 1 any of the three methods is possible usb/wire/bluetooth.
And Can the Kunai holder pairing PC with bluetooth/usb-cable?

Connection settings

The ROG Kunai Gamepad can be connected via Bluetooth, USB Type-C cable, and USB Wi-Fi adapter. You can switch among these 3 modes of connection at the bottom of the ROG Kunai holder. A USB Wi-Fi adapter is included, which is used for the 2.4GHz radio frequency (RF) connection.


1. Bluetooth mode

1.1 Move the switch to Bluetooth symbol (the option on the left on the selector at the bottom of ROG Kunai holder).

1.2 Press and hold the ROG logo button on the ROG Kunai holder for 5 seconds, you will see a blue light flashing next to the USB Type-C on the holder.

1.3 Swipe down on your phone's screen to call out Quick Settings > Tap Settings button > Connected devices > Bluetooth (on) > Select ROG Kunai Gamepad under the Available devices list.

1.4 Tap "Pair" on the pop-up dialog. ROG Kunai Gamepad will then appear under the Currently connected list ,and the indicator light on the holder will turn static green.


2. USB Type-C cable mode

2.1 Move the switch to USB port symbol (the option in the middle on the selector at the bottom of ROG Kunai holder).

2.2 Ready a male-to-male Type-C cable. Connect one end of the cable to ROG Phone II, and the other end to ROG Kunai holder.

2.3 Once the connection is done the ROG Kunai Gamepad is ready for use.


3. USB Wi-Fi adapter mode

3.1 Move the switch to Wi-Fi symbol (the option on the right on the selector at the bottom of ROG Kunai holder).

3.2 Remove the USB Wi-Fi adapter from the bottom of ROG Kunai holder. Insert it into Mobile Desktop Dock  or WiGig Display Dock. (Suitable for projecting phone screen onto large screens such as TV or computer screens)

3.3 Press the ROG logo button to start using the ROG Kunai Gamepad.



1. ROG Kunai Gamepad can be assembled into three operating modules:

— ROG Kunai bumper + ROG Kunai controllers (as shown in the example above)

— ROG Kunai bumper + ROG Kunai left controller

— ROG Kunai holder + ROG Kunai controllers

2. ROG Kunai right controller cannot be used alone

3. ROG Kunai controllers (both left and right) don't have battery

[ROG Phone II] How do I set up the connection for the ROG Kunai Gamepad?


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ROG Kunai Gamepad Review - Almost a Joy Con – Pokde.NetIn this review,
POSITIVES part : + Works with ROG Phone 1 and any other Android devices.
NEGATIVES part : - Bumper case doesn't support other devices, even previous ROG Phone.

If I connect gamepad to ROG Phone 1, the game center show keymapping?

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Apparently not, since today the controller arrived and i tested it via bluetooth and cable but nothing! Very shameful 😠