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Different splendid settings.

What kind of splendid settings do you all use? Would be great to know and try different variations.

Kanu by Rising Star II
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Cod mobile black Screen in Battle royale

HyI got my new ROG Phone and my favorite game crashes Everytime I play Battle royale.Multiplayer works in the highest settings.Battle Royale crashes in the lowest settings.Any suggestions?Greetings from Germany Ralf

Draiton by Star II
  • 3 replies
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can help me

Please help who knows when an antenna update arrives for the Rog 2 tencant edition with the knowledge of my global ROM phone

علي by Star I
  • 2 replies
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Network issue

When I use data on first sim second sim get no service.

isss007 by Star II
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! ROG 2 not hypercharging. Why?

Hello. I noticed that my Asus ROG 2 phone does not hypercharge anymore. Tried charging with 17% of battery left and battery care turned off and also on. Tried clearing cache and restarting the phone, but still no hyper charge only fast charge. Using ...

Eu_Jin by Star II
  • 15 replies
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No Android 10 yet and its already mid December

I honestly don't know what Asus is thinking and doing with the ROG Phone 2 as their Asus 5z also got android 10 update as well as the 6Z also got it but this is very shameful that the ROG phone 2 is left behind where all the competition has rolled ou...

by Not applicable
  • 29 replies
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One doubt about the X Mode

Hi there!I have one doubt about the X Mode and how it affects the performance. My question is, does it only affect the performance while gaming or it affects the overall performance of the phone independently of what you're doing? That's it. Thanks a...

How to view all files? Cannot see all.

In my file manager I cannot see all files. Hide system file in my file manager is turned off to see all files. Am I missing something?I installed Dejaoffice. It is installed properly. I cannot see its folder "clusb". I can see this in my old phone ga...

System update failed ? why ?

my version now is ww. 1908.12.. i want to update it to latest version (ww.44) and it failed..why ? anyone help me ? i am also dowlod update version after 1908.12 ..all of it was failed..


Games order in the armory crate

Hello, So i got my rog phone 2 since a month now, i don't fully know everything about it just yet but i keep wondering about the armory crate "how can i move games order ??" Right now it showing from first to last installed i guess I want to change i...