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Swipe twice in games

Rising Star II
How to disable this.? For going back or to the home screen I don't wanna swipe twice for Every such action

Rising Star II
It only happens on apps/games I launch from the armoury crate and I am actually happy they made it that way to prevent accidental swipes in-game which is frequent for me specially for MOBA type games. Problem is it also happens even when you "alt tab" and do something outside. Personally I'd say the tradeoff is fine but can understand why you'd want it disabled.

Rising Star I
Don't think you can disable it. As 3 buttons navigation need 1 swipe to bring it up and 1 click also. But the time required b/w 2 swipe is too short, I think it should be a bit longer so the phone will registered 2 swipe instead of single swipe twice.