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Rog2 auto shutdown and mobile heating problem

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Worst experience ever..after using the mobile for 3 months I have faced a problem of autoshut down and I informed this to asus service team .they asked me to bring mobile to service centre there is no service centre near me I have to travel to Hyderabad which is 300kms away from my city and gave my mobile to service centre and they changed mother board with in 10 days again I faced same issue and again service team asked me to bring my mobile again I travelled 600 kms up and down to gave my mobile to service centre and they again changed mother board and now I am facing the same issue again serivce people asking me to bring my mobile to service centre..even after changing mother board for two times they didn't rectified my problem where I lost more than 8 k for travelling charges .I informed this to ceo desk and they telling same to give my mobile to service centre .I asked them if I give my mobile again if I face same issue what resolution will you provide me.but they have no answer for that .they are not giving any replacement or refund when they can't repair the mobile .even though they are ready if I file a complaint in consumer forum but can't rectify my mobile problem.i have warranty and so they didn't charged for mother board what if I don't have warranty.
I have to bare 2 mother boards price and also for the new one where there is no guarantee wheather it works or not.
Now I am going to file a complaint in consumer forum and also will post this in every social media which can help indians to not buy asus product where there policy won't help customers 🙏
Please don't buy this asus mobiles worst experience ever.

Please give me any further suggestions.


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Hi ch.govind364,
Really sorry for the entire experience.
I totally understand and please share your details over PM, I will share with the relevant team and the same will be taken on priority for best possible service.

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Disable Chrome or uninstall it. It was heating up my phone whenever it was launched or activated by another app.

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I have an Rog 2 which I purchased in January 2020 and since then I am very upset with the issues which I am facing with this device. After one month of usage in February 2020 the display of my rog 2 got cracked and I got it replaced with the charges because I also know it will not be covered in warranty but after getting the display replaced a lot of issues are faced by me with this device.
After the display was changed the first issue which I faced was a frame drop issue....even with some normal social media app usage if the device gets heated up a little bit then the frame were literally visible dropping!
The second issue which I faced was software issue....there were a lot freezing and hanging and restarting issues with the device....the service center is quite far away from my house so I was unable to get the device checked there....but my device was covered in warranty till 6 January 2021 so I went to the service center on 5 January and explained all the issues and after a day when I went to pick my device I was told that there were some issues with the display and we have replaced that! Although that was covered in warranty but still I was using that faulty display since 11 months!!!!
Then even I thought it may have resolved all my issues but the biggest problems started after it.....after some days usage of my rog 2 it started giving sudden restart is a gaming phone and lag free gaming is expected from these types of devices ....and just imagine while playing any game it gives you a restart....that frustration with the device increased day by day....As it was out of warranty after January I couldn't even get it checked with the service center. Day by day with continues restarts I figured out that when the device reached a temperature of 44°C it gives the to use it continuously I tried keeping it cool everytime when I play anything but now the issues are not tolerable as the device gives restarts on a normal room temperature of 37-40°C and I can't even get a good gaming experience with a gaming device.....Thank you ASUS!
Contact number:- 7988009884
Hopefully I would be getting some solution regarding this restart issue