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Phone shutdown on opening camera

Star I

Everytime I try to open up the camera in my Rog phone 6 it goes to auto shutdown and bootloop

I wonder why this thing has been happening with me since last few days when I don't have any suspicious thing installed on my phone which I thought for a while could be the reason for the same

If this problem has to persist like this then better file a law suit case against asus people for giving out such expensive devices which become useless for no reason

If anyone knows how to fix it give me the solution or else I need to get this problem solved 


Star I

I have resolved the issue by a trick. Try it out and lemme know if that works for you. So what you do is once the phone switches on you know that the camera work fine once or twice and after that the issue of freezing happens. The trick is to switch on the camera and never close the camera as in when we clear the opened apps. DO NOT EXIT THE CAMERA. Just press home or swipe up to minimize the camera app. That way the camera service is never stopped and it will never freeze even if you are using it for any other apps like Insta or google pay or even if you use the camera itself. It will keep running in the background. For me its been 3 weeks testing this trick and it was working like a charm. Remember... DO NOT CLOSE THE CAMERA APP. The actual bug is the the services API of Camera. Hope this helps.

Star II

Same here