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ROG Phone II Tips & Tricks

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This thread will teach you more about those good to know ROG Phone II features. Both in hardware and in ASUS ZenUI (Pie) that are easy to miss. Advanced users may already know some of these tips & tricks but we bet there’s something for everyone. Our goal is to continuously find more things to share with you and we encourage everyone to help us with this list by telling us about your own discoveries. Don't be shy 😉
Disable animation for Armoury Crate and Game Genie


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In Pubg I normally get 45 degree Celsius, it's is too hot to hold without cover. My ambient room temperature is 31 degree Celsius.
When trying to save power, performance is heavily affected. I only get 3.5 hrs of battery backup while using this configuration.
The middle ground which I prefer to save some juice is that I keep Xmode as system where I turn on x mode manually which isn't the best in terms of performance but there are very less frame drops.
Earlier when I bought the phone when it was in A9, I used to get 5 hrs of battery.
Battery is the toll we'll have to pay for performance or the game needs to be well optimised, sadly Tencent games aren't the best optimised games on Android which is surprising in case of ROG II as it has a Tencent version as well. You can see on iphone how well pubg/cod is optimised.

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gesture from a9 bringing back the old a9 gesture and also the lockscreen of a9 both 1 and 2 gestures are the same and both takes up a bit space at the end when all phones have full screen including oneplus and which we too had y did u guys just remove it. And also check out the vedio when u go to home screen we get some white curve at the end in this gesture i dont know if its a bug or thats how gesture respond

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Yash Sanghvi

Hi Andres. i recently saw your post regarding that red tint shift on ROG2. i'd also like to share my device details in order to help fix this issue as i decided to keep the device and not return it back to seller.

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I noticed this too. Red shift tint when shifting to 90hz or 120hz. Is there any fix? Thanks

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I know, I think about it almost every day but I'm so far behind with replying all the ZenFone 6 and ROG Phone II posts.

My plan was to write a small guide about Audio Wizard and link to DTS Trailers so you can hear the difference that DTS X makes. I also want to make a thorough Game tuning guide for Armoury Crate.

I promise to make it happen as soon as possible 😉

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We need this ASAP 🙂

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Hey guys I installed the android 10 beta version without participating in the beta program... I want to revert back to android 9. Please help

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U can manually download the firmware from the offical website and after downloading do not extract anything as u will get it in zip file... Just copy the whole thing in ur internal memory. As soon as u do, u will see in ur phone notification 'found new update' . Just click on that then wait till the time it downgrade completely and then automatically it will reboot.. u r done after that... I would personally suggest to downgrade it to android 9 as I was also facing many issue becoz android 10 was not stable. I downgraded and it's working better now.. only thing which is happening is shutting off automatically anytime... Even between intense gaming the phone shuts off and restarts automatically..