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Rog 2 issue with PUBG game

Star I
I bought rog 2 two weeks back in the hope of playing PUBG at pro level. i set sensitivities including camera, ADS and Gyroscope after many training match, it was good during training match. but when i open scope/red dot/holo during real match, it is uncontrollable and moving far away. i also tried medium default setting, but only changed Gyroscope, it was good and was quite happy. but after couple games with same settings, recoiling / ADS are getting worse. is there anyone who has same issue? please reply guys.

Rising Star II
I am facing same problem too.i had fully mastered gyro on one plus 6t but after i bought asus rog 2 phone and played the gyro scope seems to be unstable in pubG it automatically goes upwards plsss fix it guys if i cant play pubG in this i will not call it gaming phone

Community Legend I
Rog 2 got an update today
Check if it's solved guys

Rising Star II
Averan in my rog 2 phone i didn't get update . Where did u update??

Zen Master I

Averan in my rog 2 phone i didn't get update . Where did u update??

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You may receive it within a few days. Even I didnt