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Rog 2 bootloader unlock app network issue

Zen Master I

Even our devices got obsolete  We Rog 2 users some some support for addressing for issues 

I just don't understand why did asus doesn't allow  manual bootloader unlocking if doesn't provide support to app for unlocking it 

Are supposed use it like you want it to be used or in our way ? 

You put a lock by not letting us unlock the bootloader manually and if we try unlock with the official app you don't provide support it 

This is as  ridiculous as it gets to say the least 

Pathetic support by asus 


 as a  long time Rog 2 user i demand the moderaters to provide a solution for unlocking the bootloader 





Zen Master I

If I won't be getting any response from the moderators

Then I am done with this company for good 

Never gonna purchase asus products again 










Did u get the reply in personal chat?

Star I

Same here bro . I also have global Rog 2 . No one will guide you. Some day one moderator will come and comment like 'this device has stoped to support unlock bootloader service ' . That's it

Star II

Your vitriolic original post aside I am interested in unlocking the bootloader as well and extend the devices' lifespan.

Anyone know any other way to unlock the bootloader outside of the official way?

EDIT: Also found out this:

I have scoured these forums for an answer to this and the closest one is

您好,此機種已停止維護 Unlock Device app,造成不便之處,敬請見諒。

which roughly translates to ROG Phone 2 no longer being supported by this official bootloader unlocker regardless of CN or WW version.