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Recent apps key bug.

Star III
Has anyone facing this kind of bug? Let say you open an app and you quit using your back button. Then you click on the recent apps key and tried to clear all but it's still there? I've realised that not all apps are affected though. Also if u minimise the app then use the recent apps key to clear all then it's fine or when you're using that app then click on the recent apps key and clear all it's fine as well. I've checked with my friend who's using the same phone and he too have the same problem as mine. I'm on the latest build btw.. 1910.35. I didn't notice it on the previous build so I'm not sure if this build only start having this problem..



Star I
I'm facing same issue after updating my phone, any solution for it?

Rising Star II
Did you guys tried to force shutdown the phone?

Rising Star II
Yes this is a bug that is confirmed by one of the mods and I was told it will be fixed in Android 10. But yes they are aware of it.

Rising Star II
yep its a bug and i already reported this bug with logs to @Anders_ASUS