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Zen Master II
If anyone would have a solution to this I would appreciate.
I was going to delete a spam email in Outlook for Android. A kind of I receive tens of every day. Didn't open any attachment. The phone just crashed and started to reboot..
The Android and The Republic of Gamers logos appeared and than it started to reboot again. It's constantly rebooting. I went into recovery mode, tried to reboot, made factory reset several times, but nothing helped. I could leave it rebooting until the battery completely drains. I can power it on or of, I can go to boot loader and recovery mode. Once it even emited the startup sound and once the vibration started for a moment. But it always started to reboot again.
Any suggestions please? I believe there must be some malicious code from the email doing all that.

Zen Master II
I could shut it down only with volume down + power combo. Now it's back where it was yesterday.

Community Legend III
@OPC is in contact with another moderator via PM. I'm closing this thread in the meantime.