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Why is the camera taking 2 seconds before it take a photo?!?My old Samsung have insta photo...

Cenimm by Rising Star I
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Screen freezes when phone is kept idle

Hey guys,So when I lock my phone and keep it idle for a few minutes, the screen freezes every time. Screen doesn't light up when touched or power key is pressed, but the phone is on. When ambient display is on, the screen is on but stuck at 'always o...

PUBGM High Ping on WIFI

Wifi details - Jio fiber 250 MBPS connection.I have been having this issue from the past couple of months where I am getting a constant High ping of about 160 ms on my wifi, I have noticed this issue with my phone alone as other devices are getting r...

Battery Care (updated?)

Hi all!I've been reading something about Battery Care in other posts, and Asus engenieers confirmed last October that, when it's active to reach its 80%, it doesn't stop charging: it makes micro-charging, keeping the device with some more temperature...

uri13 by Star III
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Extremely disappointed with asus

I'm a professional in a similar tecnical field. I hate to say but I'm extremely disappointed by how Asus responds to their customers. This community is just for name sake, irregular replies , extremely slow updates and disinterest towards community ...

Youtube Specific Channel Streaming

I have multiple channels under one account one of them is only created for Pubg Mobile Streaming however I am not able stream on that channel whenever I stream It goes live on the main channel and doesn't give an option for selecting channel or Any o...

PUBGM doesn't work!

I recently updated to Android 10, and when I try to play PUBGM it loads perfectly fine, the ping is good, but when I try to start a match it gives an error saying that the server has high ping, if I continue anyway the game is stuck on loading the ma...

92yamas by Star II
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does not catch wifi networks

Sorry that in Russian.The problem is that after the game there was an interruption of the wi fi network and after that it can not find more than one wifi net work