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Can't even record a gaming video on best gaming phone!

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As a gaming phone, our device has this irritating glitch. When using a wired earphone, I repeat a wired earphone, when we record the internal sound, the sound delays while playing. Like if I record while playing PUBG, I have sound delay in game. It is a delay of 1 sec. As soon as I stop recording, delay disappears and when I watch the recorded video, that is also perfect, no delay there. I was on amdroid pie and I expected that this issue will be fixed in a10 but no. Last day I upgraded to A10 stable but the irritating issue is still there. As a gaming phone, mechanism of game recording is extremely important. Again it is independent of earphone. No matter if we use wireless or wired one or even without earphone, of we record gameplay, we experience delay due to which gaming while recording is merely impossible.
Asus has given us so many options as a gaming phone but if they cant even fix a silly issue like that... Then they should stop boasting things like "worshipped by gamers and bla bla."
And then ASUS support will come here and tell me to use 3rd party recording apps. Is this is really the kind of support that you provide us here? To use 3rd party apps.
A very good way of saying "we can't".
Even a $200 can do that perfectly.
Asus you are constantly failing as a good software provider. Keep it up.
Issue has been reported already here for months and months ago and still they are working on it or I would rather say they are suggesting us to use 3rd party apps.

In the launch even before comparing your devices to all the high end devices and saying that we can do what they can't and bla bla, I'd rather suggest you to focus on basics ASUS.
A good screen recorder is a basic thing for a gaming smartphone.
I request you to please work on this one. This used to work perfectly before. Please help asus. If you can't then who else would?
If so many people are reporting the issue, then it is a major problem.

Thank you

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And one more thing, I have even done factory reset as well. Still its same.

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"Like if I record while playing PUBG, I have sound delay in game. It is a delay of 1 sec."
If you're experiencing anything more than a delay of around 100-200 ms while recording, there's something else going on than the software limitation we've been talking about in similar threads here on Zentalk. Another user was reporting the same thing as you and his problem was resolved by performing a factory reset and not restoring his data first-thing after the reset.
See this thread for more information on the subject:

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Okay it's not a second Delay its 100-200 ms only. What about fixing it then??

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And why so called software limitation oy exists only to ROG 2? Why no other device has it? Even when I purchased it, this issue wasn't there. You can see in the same thread you sent me that this issue arised after an update. So why cannot you just swe what changed you have made which ruined it?

It's just that you don't even intend to look into the issue asus. If you want you can look into the changes you've made or even you can take some help or design this recorder from scratch.

I guess it's all about willingness at the end of the day asus.
Well done