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Phone gets heated for normal use

Rising Star II
After the android 10 update the animations feel jittery and a little slow compared to A9 and even performance is degraded even antutu showing 3,80,000 bench mark score which in A9 was about 5,00,000.
I think these problems are caused because of cpu getting heated over just searching webpages or using you tube . The cpu is going over 58 degrees without even gaming just for watching you tube or web brousing .
I can feel the heat comming from Qualcomm chip cuz (I know where the chip is present saw it on Jerry rigs dis assembly of Rog 2) the heat is exactly emerging from there which makes the aluminium frame at side very hot . I can feel my fingers going numb cuz of this . When playing pubG ( the lagg is gone after factory reset) the phone gets heated like hell for just using x-mode advanced . But in A9 even the ultimate x- mode didn't cause this much heat .
Trust me guys this heat is very dangerous to health . Even for normal use this abnormal heat is dangerous to health .
Hope it gets fixed cuz this is really from A10 side cuz in A9 for web brousing or youtube the phone wasent even getting heated .
This is probably fault from cpu optimisation .

Rising Star II
Anders_ASUS any thoughts about this ??