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myphone restart while playing pubg

what is the problem?
how to solve it?
sometime it suddenly restart it self..
dont know what to do..
pleasee hellpppp!


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@mohd shafiq sofri bro same thing happened with me initially while playing with charging on..then it was getting switch off while charging while using other app phone is now in service center..m going to collect it tomorrow they told me it was hardware problem
one thing u can try is factory reset after backup of ur data..if this isn't going to help then u have to take ur device to service center

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What your firmware version is?
maybe this happen because crash with some apps in your devices or that issue from hardware.

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Gaurav ROGII

but all the service centres are closed here, what should I do? I red a thread thats why I said, but you can refer to my latest discussion in which I've written what that developer said to the problem

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So many people before me was facing same restart issue and their phone motherboard was faulty and same was with my device so better visit service center before warranty period get over