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Trouble with ROG 6

Star I

Hi! I've had my Rig 6 for 4 months now and last week it updated to Android 14. I'm not getting called much so when I finally got called I noticed my ringtone cut off completely after a moment but the vibrations kept going (the ringtone had a little cut off in the beginning out of the box but kept playing after that). What is more I couldn't hear anybody speaking and to test it out i called myself and i could hear the very moment of picking up the other phone and after that it went silent again. I called myself again and decided to change the output to the speaker and it worked also when I'm taking through my Bluetooth buds everything works normally. I did restart my ROG6 and it helped for a little while but the problem keeps coming back. The phone isn't set to "don't disturb" or silent mode and I can't find other help on Google that usual "turn it off and on". Before updating to Android 14 it did say that some functions and apps might be buggy or not working but it's the main function of the device so I suspect something loopy going on in the software. Thanks in advance!



Thank you for the information, do you use any extra accessories with your phone? Such as bluetooth headset, smartwatch? And which firmware are you on?