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My phone showed CHARGING PORT TEMPERATURE ABNORMALITIES REMINDER while plugged butnit wasnt charging.
Im nervous and I don't know what to do.
This is an old model but it's still good so I want it to get fixed.
Can anyone help me?

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@Anders_ASUS please add slow charging feature. Fast charging heats phone too much.

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Hello! any update for this issue? I got the reminder just today 😞 Already restarted my phone same issue... also tried charging while turned off, it was charging but after few seconds I checked the tip of the charging cord it is REALLY hot! But LUCKILY it's only the button charge port... It hasn't been a year since I got my phone and already having issues like charging and now this 😞 I don't use my phone while charging btw and sometimes turn it off while charging.

Is it hardware problem? or from the updates? (which i suspect) Man, I take care of my phone very carefully since this one is expensive. If this is a hardware problem I might pay for something I didn't broke! 😞

I will stop charging it for now and have it check. Might damage something if i continue to use the phone 😞

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Sorry about the late reply. For this issue you need to contact local service for repair

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Update: So it's been more than a month since I surrendered my phone for repair. Received a text message from Gigahertz main office (Manila, Philippines) regarding the issue and payment. I sent the payment the other day so they could repair my phone ASAP and asked for a technical report.

Phone Issue: Charging bottom port is burnt and the other end of the charger cable. (I don't even know why or how this happened because I don't leave my phone overcharge, get it wet or even use it while charging, says it was "user error" (as I expected); more of a hardware problem to me since I'm not the only one, well, no choice still have to pay 😞 I love my phone and take good care of it) Asus is a very well known brand especially in pc gaming industry but smartphones well this is disappointing 😞

My Complaint: So the day I sent the payment I asked for technical report and tips on why or how did this happen and also how to prevent this from happening again (well because it will take 2 months or more to get my phone back if this happens again) BUT AFTER A WEEK NO REPORTS OR UPDATE from them, it feels like a scam. So I went to BCG Bacolod main office (where I purchased my phone) and asked for report and the same day got an email from them with the technical report (thank God it was not a scam!) and also asked them for update if Gigahertz already received my payment. So I waited another week for a status update, whether they started to fix or already ship my phone back BUT STILL NO UPDATE FROM GIGAHERTZ UNTIL NOW. I hope they could improve their service, it's not hard to text or email an update.

If you need PDF for the technical report they sent please message me. Thank you!

P.S. : Any suggestion how to prevent this from happening? Is it the hypercharge feature? (because it makes the phone hot and most likely makes the charger port inlet also).