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Generate RMA in INDIA for replacement

Hi guys , My mobile has gone flickering and I am helpless . please help me raise RMA request from Hyderabad,INDIA . During this covid 19 lockdown none of the people are working can't even take it to service center listed on the site

No flash when using otg warning problem

I have this annoying problem on my asus rog 2 when my battery drop there is always a warning saying no flash when using otg and i cant scroll down my phone. How to fix this

Icon shape

as with many other people reported. There is no place to change icon shape now. Will this come back in next update, or will we stuck at the previously selected icon shape forever?Thanks

jasonwch by Rising Star II
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Unsolved issues til date and things to consider in ROG Phone 3

After updating the phone to the latest version A10 and version WW_17.0230.2002.32_0.These are the gaming important issues unsolved. 1) 3.5mm headphone jack port is still bugged in game, when I connect the headphones through the 3.5mm on the side port...

Railius by Star II
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Strange issue of asus rog 2 aerocase!

While using asus rog 2 aerocase, whenever i press the area below camera from backside ,the air triggers are triggered on their own...Any solution.

Screen Transition Delay - After Upgrade to 17.0230.2002.32

After the update through fota i notice that during screen transition there is some delay that did not happen on previous firmware. The screen refresh rate is the same 60 hz. I tried screen recording while playing and it was smooth on previous firmwar...

HKStev by Star I
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[Clarified] Netflix HDR support

Hello Asus moderators,Can you give an update on if there are any plans to support HDR/HDR 10 for Netflix? Currently the max supported resolution is 1080p at 30hz which doesn't do the screen any justice and makes for a bad viewing experience. I'd real...

Mobile is legit or not

I wanna know whether my phone is legit or not as it says tencent games on the back with full mirror on back of 12gb ram.Doesn't give proper frame rate while playing game and my system info is shown in photo.Please help me on this..


Problem while charging

@Anders_ASUS , I have an issue with charging.While I charging my phone, sometimes it connect and sometimes it doesn't connect...I've already updated with the android 10 (always update with last FOTA) And yesterday, My ROG2 can only charge with slowly...

Fakhry by Star II
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