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mobile desktop dock pc display issue

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[Sharing infomation]
*a monitor support 144hz.
*a pc
*a rog phone 2
*a mobile desktop dock

when desktop dock mobile mode monitor will display perfect.
but change to desktop dock PC mode , monitor won't display and dark screen no signal.
my PC nvdia setting display is 1920x1080 144hz.
after i change setting in pc nvidia display to 120hz. mobile desktop dock PC mode is work.
so my question is .
hey! i understand ROG phone2 screen 120hz only.
but asus selling 144hz monitor and connect mobile desktop not provide 144hz for pc mode ?
and i check every official website not mention about this problem and let me spend 1 day to solve this problem.

just sharing for other user get same problem.


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not show me that 😞 rip


recently i bought two display port cable want to try both using display port for support 144hz display in PC mode and 120hz in phone mode for monitor. it work for my PC display in 144hz but cannot work with my phone 120 hz display in monitor. it totaly black and no signal in monitor. asus dock got problem when using rog ohone 2 with displah port output in monitor?

and then i try previous problem using back hdmi cable for output and setting pc to 144hz again. it working for both pc 144hz and mobile 120hz. maybe asus get my issue and fix it in some firmware update. but i wasted my money to buy extra display cable......

did you really using dock output with display port? it work?

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Hi,can you show us a video how you get it fix?

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i just buy it this week i don't know if there any update for it or not and how to update it

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me to bro
I don't know how to update