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Is anyone facing this problem?

Rising Star II
Also when i launch game i used to see those 4 icons (x mode, call, msg, memory cleared)
But i dont see them now whenever i launch game
Actually everything was running smoothly
But i ended up installing a mod apk n then i got to know from a frd that my personal data will be compromised so i quickly uninstalled it, performed factory reset and hard reset n this shit happened 😞
I notice change in loudness of my speaker as well which was fine before performing reset
If any of you faced this problem plz help

Community Legend III
@Swaraj I'll forward your suggestion to our devs.
In the meantime, I recommend you set your screen recorder quality setting to high and do any trimming/editing on a PC, where you have greater control over bit rate and compression methods.
By the way: The game cover bug is being fixed in an upcoming FOTA. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!