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I cannot update my phone. Neither manually

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Hi, I need help. I have no way to update my asus. Download the manual update and at the time of starting the new update I see an update failure. The themes to download do not appear to me either. Urgent help.
I leave my email for you to contact me.

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You might have a Tencent-branded ROG Phone II, see this thread for more information on the subject:

Hi all

We have come to notice there are resellers selling the so-called "Tencent ROG Phone II"-models for the Chinese market with "International ROM".

We would like to make clear that ASUS does not officially sell any Tencent-branded ROG Phone II with so called "International ROM" or "Global firmware".

We cannot guarantee the functionality of this combination , if you are facing any type of issues - please turn to your reseller where you bought this device - as this is is not a combination we are selling.

Please also take careful note that updates/FOTA functionality will be disabled since the ROM and the models dont match, some resellers note this in the fine-print.. some may not..

Extra info:

If you are seeing anything about a "Global ROM version" or "Tencent with Global/WW ROM" it would be a clear giveaway.

[PSA] Take caution - Tencent-branded Chinese models with "Global/International ROM"
If that's not the case you can try updating to WW-16.0631.1910.64:
If that update is successful you can then try to update to the latest A10 firmware.