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Right air trigger problem in ROG phone 2

Right air trigger used for squeeze gesture as well as game button. There might be software issue with this multifunction of right air trigger that I faced. I have record my screen given below.Plz fix this issue.

Mobil network problem.

Sometimes my phone going over to h+ on my sim 1 even if I don't get any call. So to fix this I need to restart the phone to get the 4g again.

Cenimm by Rising Star I
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Big Problem!!! Bluetooth issue

I have observed that we can't hear anything from bluetooth headset when we are on video calls or normal voice calls. But all songs and youtube videos sound are able to hear from bluetooth headset. I have regular meetings on hangout and whatsapp and ...

Sudden restart

Does anyone having issues like me? The phone restarted itself, it happens 2nd time and all of it happens when I didn't open any apps at all.After the restart i got notification that the charging port temperature is abnormal although I'm not charging ...


Screen Recording Sound Delay in Real time

When I start recording pubg mobile / any other game also, it feels like 100,200 ms delay in real time audio.But no delay in recorded video. Its quite hard sometime to recognise enemies sound faster. Please do something.

New update WW_17.0230.2002.32 PROBLEMS

With this new update i have noticed that when connected via USB-C to the Monitor/TV now, Tablet mode is missing (compared to OS-9) it only has Mirror and TwinDock Modes now where as before it had the 3 options. The icon shape in Dev Options is gone n...

Very slow file transfer (USB 3.1 looks like USB 2.0)!

I have very slow file tranfer with: ROG Phone II Global 512GB-12GB with latest ROMA Original USB-C to USB-C cableA USB-C to USB 3.0A cableNotebook with a USB 3.0 type-c port and usb 3.0 type-a portLooks like the phone doesn't activate USB 3.0 speed t...

Melqui by Zen Master I
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