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I am not able to change my lock screen clock even if i changed theme ? Why is that ?

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Zenfone 5z
Firmware Version:
Rooted or not:
Frequency of Occurrence: Allways
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
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Akash Gupta

Since you look like the only active mod and most truthful i say, i have been experimenting with my device for a few days because my warranty is over now. My only shot is asus so i am expecting some help from you to get these issues fixed either by a software update or a regular fix. I will tell you my issues with fixes i have tried and please look into them.

1. Restarting issue in A10: I have been facing restarting issue in A10 for past few months, now that i have downgraded to A9, I have not faced a single restart since. I know some users are still facing it in A9 but some of them reported that downgrading fixed their issue just like mine. I tried to update my phone to A10 again but then i face the restarting issue again. Can you please look into A10 software for any faults because i think majority of users issues can be fixed by just software. I know others have hardware issue since they are facing issues with A9 too. This issue was mostly caused to me by 2 things, 1st was using 2 sim with dual 4g on and 2nd was using a bluetooth device while on call, when the person on other end hangs up the phone, my phone restarts(happens sometimes).

2. Screen recorder Sound delay: It's been the most debated issue that still exists because it was ignored by asus. The sound delay is 300ms and just in case if you guys fail to fix the A10 restart issue, i will be staying on A9 in which 3rd party recorders cannot record internal audio which is so sad. In A10 there is a 3rd party screen recorder that can record without any delay and also clear internal sound, so that proves there is a fault in inbuilt screen recorder. Please get it fixed! I am counting on you.

3. Bass issue in Audio Wizard: I have seen couple of people are facing this issue but never tested it for myself. Just wanted to bring it to your attention. Please look into it.

4. Theme Faults in A9: It's a serious bug in A9 where clicking on apply all button on a downloaded theme makes the notification bar white and few apps like discord notification goes fully white, my only option is right now to use the black theme and customize the theme without clicking apply all button.


5: A10 clock color change fix: A9 clock color changed with the theme, i will attach a photo so you can see for yourself. Please fix it for A10 too.


6. A10 notification bar glitch: Sometimes my A10 notification bar has green color stuck to it and require restart to fix after a call. One time it was stuck even after my screen was off! Please look into it.


7. A10 recent app tray glitch: Sometimes when i open recent apps tray in A10, Some of my apps vanish in there. Please look into this!


8. Screen refresh rate lock: This issue was fixed in ROG 3, sometimes after closing out of a game, refresh rate option is grayed out even if you have nothing in your recent apps. Please fix it in ROG 2 too!

9. Mutlitouch while charging: This issue appear to happen to me only because no one else seems to face it but please take a look into it, either it can be fixed or not.

10. Battery drain in A10: Since i have downgraded to A9 and its been a week. I have seen a drastic change on my battery. It actually lasts super long compared to A10. It actually feels like a 6000mah battery in A9 so please fix battery drain issue in A10 too! I will be glad to get that fix.

Beta features: If you are not planning to add any new features, at least finish the old ones like sliding geature is still in beta since A9. Please finish it.

If you ever plan to look for ideas for new update, i have couple of threads suggesting new features but first PLEASE FIX THE SOFTWARE.

If possible please start worling on A9 since A10 feels completely broken to me.

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No reply yet, mods where you at??