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Games crashing

Star I
After 5,10 or 15 min gameplay randomly it just get closed I noticed for pubg but same thing happening with call of duty also.I m useing android 9 lastest updated i take out log of them I m pretty sure it android issue
I will be waiting for problem casue and solution

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Help someone!!!!???!!!

Community Legend I
Is your phone getting hot? Are any other apps crashing after 15 minutes of use?
Can you try a stress test like Antutu that is not a game to see if the phone is the common denominator, or if the apps have some kind of problem.
Would also suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the apps to check for improvement.

Star II
cod crashes when I set the graphics to high, I have to play with the lowest settings, even then I have graphic bugs flickering in the game

Star I
Hot 42-43 c nope crashed even at 38c and as u said antutu stressed test is of 15min worked fine see no issue can u see those log I upload last 15 event lines