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Fps fluctuates always in pubg

Star II
I used the fan and turned on ultimate performance. But the fps is not stable. It is ALWAYS unstable : 60-55-40-18-32-59 fps. And the cpu and gpu worked at 30%? Listen to customers Asus. This is a gaming phone. And this gaming phone is to play game. Why dont you boost the phone 100% cpu and gpu? This is ultimate performance not only x mode. When we turn this mode on we dont care about the heat or battery. Release a new update and put cpu and gpu at 100%

Star III
No phones can use CPU + GPU at 100 percent for extended periods of time unless you want to destroy the SoC. "Listen to customers ASUS", let us melt our phones lmao. But anyways, when do you get FPS drops, during gunfights, moving quickly in vehicles, maybe hotdropping in an area with lots of other players? I'm curious. I usually keep above 50 FPS if I have the fan on max, brightness at 75 % even after extended sessions. I'm running smooth + extreme