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Features to be added that are in stock android and which will be pretty dam useful :

Rising Star I
* Option to mute media volume when device is silent
*Option to change accent color in dark theme
*Slide to seek videos in default gallery player so there would be no need to use third party apps
* A pretty good built in music player with cdla for earphone and dtsx for speaker audio. (Like Letv devices have)
* Option to change calling screen or incoming caller image to full-screen or in circle with default background as it was when the phone was released.h https//
*Dark mode for Gmail and Google assistant and if possible upgrading to google assistant 2.0.

Rising Star I


*WiFi sharing and advanced option to show or share saved password

*option to remove or enable Refresh rate icon on status bar or other status bar icons

*And themes or customisation options similar to oxygen is to change fingerprint animation,clock design and place etc

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*option to remove or enable Refresh rate icon on status bar or other status bar icons---
Did you check setting --display--status bar icon manager?

Star III

i was only talking about sharing wifi password check eui

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I missed the context. Apologies.

Star III
- always-on-panel schedule
- when connect fan and kunai controller via bumper, the audio jack on fan doesn't work. it should be fixed in the next system update. this is the only audio jack that can be used in that combination
- show all the apps that were used in the battery usage. i don't know why it doesn't list all the apps that i used

Rising Star I
@Anders_ASUS A9 UI full screen gestures were better compared to A9 cause when typing the keyboard has to be closed to go back. irritating some times and the white line at the bottom annoying at the same time atleast the old gestures option should have been in settings [2]. the notification panel icons looks bright on A10 the old one on A9 was calmer [1] . And the lockscreen face unlock animation and lockscreen was better on A9. i dont understand instead of making the device better before than it was why are the developers degrading the ui. (@Asus Rog ll @ASUS Test @LP_ASUS @DS_Asus @ServiceC_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Kris_ASUS )

Rising Star I
still with the new update old a9 things have not been bought and also the gestures please get the a9 gesture back because
both 1 and 2 gestures are the same and both takes up a bit space at the end when all phones have full screen including oneplus and which we too had y did u guys just remove it.
And also check out the vedio when u go to home screen we get some white curve at the end in this gesture i dont know if its a bug or thats how gesture respond
@Asus Rog ll @ASUS Test @LP_ASUS @DS_Asus @ServiceC_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @ARP_ASUS
And also i know u people work to get things done in a better way yeah i appreciate with the a10 but a9 i loved the phone when i bought it status bar and gestures were calm and thats what i liked about the rog its the best phone but features among all other phone its lags behind one more thing please respond to the comments so that we know u guys read i still have not got any respond for the old comment even though i have tagged everyone :<